Once your service has been ended, the status of the service will be changed to "Pending." Find the service in the main menu and tap it, which will bring you to the Pending service screen.

When you click "Upload" the first time your videos will appear in thumbnails, and you can select and play them as much as you'd like.

From here you can select your videos by tapping them to add a checkmark, add pre-recorded/missing content from your phone gallery, and re-order your videos by dragging & dropping them to the desired positions

Adding missing footage / Editing

In the case of content that was recorded without the use of the app, or the video link is missing from the preview screen, one can relink the additional content using the "+" symbol found in the upper right corner.

Once the + is pushed, it will open a menu for you to search through your phone's gallery to find the footage that you wish to add

When a video is selected, it will bring up a preview screen that will allow you to watch the video, edit it to your liking and then press "Use" in the top right corner, this will run a compression over your video (which may take a few minutes) and then add the video to the list

You may also edit a video by briefly tapping on the thumbnail that represents that video, which will bring up the "Play/Edit" menu at the bottom of the screen. If you press "Edit", it will bring up a smaller version of the video editor so that you may trim down the video.

If you have trimmed a video too far and wish to restore it to its full state, press the blue "Restore Original" button that will appear beneath the video number

Final Upload

Once all of your videos have been added and selected, tap "Upload" at the bottom. This will upload your video to our servers for conversion. The render time is approximately the same length as the video, so make sure the device is connected to the internet strongly and is in a safe place.

Once the video is uploaded, it will automatically replace the Livestream window in any place that you embedded it previously

Once the video has been successfully uploaded, the service will be reclassified as "Completed". From here you can view the original recording by pressing the "View Service" button located in the middle of the page.

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