Log in using your email address.

When you first sign on with MemoryShare you will receive an email from Support@MemoryShare.com to verify your account. Click the link in the email to set your password for the email account that the email was originally sent to.

Use these credentials to log into both the Portal and the app. Your username is your email address associated with your account.

Note: MemoryShare does not have access to your password.

Save your password somewhere safe.

Bookmark Portal.Midweststreams.com

Get Started

Create your services in the Portal at Portal.Midweststreams.com.

Once saved, your services are loaded to the App on your Apple Device.

After log in, you will see the Portal Home Screen.

1. Click "Upload New Service."

2. Fill in the service details.

Click Save when finished.

This information can be changed later, but it is important to have it correct. Any time you make a change, click Save.

The create/edit service dialog menu

3. Copy Embed Code to your Website

Click Copy Code or highlight and copy your embed code.
Paste the code into your obituary.


"This service will be livestreamed" should be checked if you plan to go live.

"Include Intro Video" is for your delayed webcasts after you've already completed your livestream. If you'd like to add the Intro Video to your webcast, click the box positive and Save.

"Private" will change your embed code to a private viewing link URL. Copy and share with the individuals who are allowed to watch the stream.

Note: Private videos cannot be embedded and will NOT display as a video player on your obituary pages.

Click the Save button at the bottom left of the page when finished.

You must embed your Livestream Embed Code in your obituary in order to display your livestream. Be sure to embed your code before the day of the service.

How you embed your livestream code varies depending on who built your website.

From here, you are ready to stream in the App. To continue to the next lesson, press the following box!

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