Log into your MWS User account at Portal.Midweststreams.com

1. Open the Edit service page for the service you'd like to order a DVD or Memorial Flashdrive for.

2. Click Request DVD below your embed code. (This form includes the option for ordering a flashdrive.)

3. You will then see the following options:

Purchase DVD - Click here if you are handling the order for the family and they have already purchased a copy through your arrangements.

NOTE: This is best when you set your own prices.

Link For Family To Purchase - Copy and share the link provided to the family if they are to purchase a DVD for themselves using the online order form.

NOTE: They will get the same discount you do if they do the order themselves. They will also have a chance to pay by credit card and choose the address they'd like us to ship to.

After clicking Purchase The DVD you will be prompted to fill out the online order form, pictured below.

This is also how your DVDs and Flash Drives will look before we include your Funeral Home logo to the DVD.

Use the online order form to choose the amount of copies, DVD or Memorial Flash Drive, or both, and addresses you'd like us to ship your new products to.

Be sure to add notes at the end of the form if you'd like us to know anything special about your order!

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