If a custom video edit is desired then we are more than happy to do any kind of editing that is within the following types:

  • Trimming

  • Resizing

  • Mobile-style gaussian blur (for videos filmed vertically)

  • Mid-roll editing

  • Sound Mastering

  • Color Fixing

  • Music additions/ repair

  • Pre-roll and Post-roll videos

  • Watermarking

It is important to note

  • If there are failings during the recording, such as a microphone failing, then the sound will likely not be able to be restored due to a lack of data

  • With video editing, it is very important that we know precisely what it is that you want to be changed, and how you want to change it

  • It may take up to a workday to complete an edit, render it, and repost it

Each purchase comes with one editorial revision, each additional revision afterward will cost $59

Examples of custom videos:

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