1. Log into your website and find the obituary you want to add the live stream to.

2. Click Edit Obituary, scroll down to the “Services” section.
3. Click the checkbox on next to Include Live Streaming.

4. Click on the Live Button.

5. Change the selected Website Link to Embedded Code.
6. Paste the embed code into the Code to embed box (Ctrl + V or right click then select Paste).

7. Click Save, then be sure to scroll down to the bo�om of the obituary and click Save Obituary.


1. Log into your website, click Obituary then Obituary Search.
2. Search for the obituary you want to add the livestream to and click the pencil icon next to the name.
3. Under Obituary Text select the Source Code button.

4. Scroll down to the end of the last line and paste the embed code here (either left click after the last line and hit Ctrl + V or right click and select Paste).

5. Once pasted, select “Ok”. Then Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.
6. The livestream should now be viewable at the bottom of the obituary text.

NOTE: Participants will have to click “READ MORE” and scroll to the bottom of the obituary.


FuneralOne users will paste their Viewing Link URL-

-in the External Video URL box.


For FrontRunner websites, you must first access the Service for the individual by locating their name on the Main page

Then navigate to the left-side menu and choose Client Arrangement -> Obituary so that you are located on this page

Paste the Embed Code into the space designated by the arrow, and then press the Save button in the top right of the screen.

Make very sure not to re-save the obituary without re-embedding the code within the obituary, as re-saving it will cause the video frame to disappear

MKJ Marketing

For MKJ sites, visit the obituary edit page for the individual in question, and then switch from "Visual" to "Text" , once it is set to "Text" , copy and paste the embed code into the location that you want it to be in , and then hit Update/Publish

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