Whenever you upload a service successfully, we suggest to immediately delete it from your iPad for the sake of saving space.

If you do not do this consistently, then there will come a point when your services will no longer record to the device because you have run out of space, when this time comes , you will have to remove all the videos from your iPad.

  • First go to your Photos Gallery, and click on the file folder that is named Midwest Streams

  • Once you find and click the folder, you will be shown all of the videos you have taken through the app

  • Select all unuploaded videos , either by pressing Select and then clicking them individually, or by hitting "Select All"

  • Once all the videos have been selected, delete them by pressing the trash can in the bottom right corner of the page.

One would generally think after that we would be done, but Apple stores recently deleted files so that they can be restored later.

To delete these files:

  • Navigate to Settings - > General -> Storage

  • Your device will recommend to empty the "Recently Deleted" album as long as it stores more than one video, hit "Empty" and agree

Now your device has been properly freed up to record more services!

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