Do Not Disturb

When using the MemoryShare app we highly recommend keeping your Do Not Disturb(DnD) settings on at all times that you are recording a service, not only for the sake of your bereaved, but also so that the recording does not cancel

To set your DnD properly, follow these steps.

  • Find your DND options by going to Settings->Do not Disturb

  • Once you are on the DnD page, set your settings as following

  • Do not Disturb - ON

  • Always - CHECKED

  • Allow Calls From - NO ONE

  • Repeated Calls - OFF

Camera Settings

We understand that sometimes a variety of things can happen that will make it so that you have to record directly from the device camera rather than from the app's recording option

It is best to always be prepared for such a situation, even on your primary streaming device. To be prepared to video in the proper format , please set your camera settings as follows:

  • Navigate to Camera settings by scrolling down in the left settings bar until you find Camera

  • Click on Record video and set it to 720p/30fps

  • Then return to the main Camera page, and go to Format

  • Set it for Most Compatible

Now when you go to upload this footage from the app later, there should be no issue in with the file getting rejected or stuck by the ssystem.

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