Connecting with the MEVO camera App

Next, you’ll want to get connected to the Mevo Camera App. With a smartphone or tablet, download it from the associated App Store:

Mevo Camera App for iOS and iPad OS on the Apple App Store

Mevo Camera App for Android on the Google Play Store


If you’re not sure if your device will work with the Mevo Camera App, check our list of supported devices here.

Mevo has three ways of connecting to the Internet - via a local WiFi network, over a 4G LTE cellular data connection, or via Ethernet and an existing wired network. To learn about each option, read the article on The Different Ways Mevo Connects to the Internet.

Basic Gestures and Using Camera Assistant

How to Connect your Mevo to MemoryShare

From the main camera screen, press the Red Button in the bottom left corner

You will now be on the Targets page, make sure to name your event in the top bar, then choose RTMP on the far right side

And once you press RTMP, you should be in the the edit information page, where you can Name your service, and paste in the information that you will need for this service.

You can find this information on your portal page by going to and finding your service page. If your account has been set up properly, it should look like this

Click the red Go Live! button and you will be brought to the Live-Streaming page! From here, you can fil in your RTMP and Stream key from the information here:


Name = Stream Key

Make sure that these fields are filled out correctly, and you will be ready to stream! Note that you can do this process days/weeks in advance because you can save your stream targets under different names, so make sure to be ready when the time comes!

Once the time comes, follow this list of instructions to stream:

  • Go to your Live Stream page for the service on

  • Press start stream

  • Start up the Mevo/App

  • Choose the correct stream target from the list

  • Begin streaming

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