App video guide

Video Timestamps

:12 - :30: Starting up the app and starting up a service

:30 - :56: The In Progress page and an explanation of recording vs live streaming

:56 - 1:30: The stream tips and Do Not Disturb settings

1:30 - 1:40: Entering the camera, landscape mode requirement

1:40 - 1:53: Quick overview of basic streaming elements on the camera screen

1:53 - 2:02: Explanation of settings screen

2:02 - 2:12: Explanation of Volume Monitor

2:12 - 2:28: Explanation of Recording Button, how to start and stop your video

2:28 - 2:42: Network Status explanation

2:42 - 2:50: White "X" pause button explanation

2:50 - 3:01: Ending the service

3:01 - 3:10: Finding the finished service and entering the upload screen

3:10 - 3:18: Upload screen explanation

3:18 - 4:12: The play/edit dialogue, how to edit a video from within the app

4:12 - 4:37: Adding non-present footage through the "+" button

4:37 - 4:53: How to reverse an edit

4:53 - 5:13: Upload explanation and process

5:13 - 5:30: Rendering explanation

5:30 - 5:38: Thank you and Goodbye!

Written Guide

Step 1: Download and Log In

Download MemoryShare from the App Store by following this link on the device that you wish to record with:

You can also open the App Store (pictured below)

Once you have opened the App Store, search "MemoryShare Funeral Webcasting."

Once downloaded, tap to open.

Login with your portal account information.

Tap the name of the service you want to stream.

Step 2: Your First Stream

After opening the service, choose either "Start Service."

Once the "Start Service" button is pressed, you can:

Record - For delayed recording only. Will not go live.

Live Stream - To livestream.

End Service - For when you've finished the service and are ready to upload.

You will be warned to make sure to set your device to Do Not Disturb and to verify that you are recording in landscape mode. Do not record any services in vertical format.


Camera Mode only. A local recording of the service will be saved to your local photo library so that it can be uploaded later. This is for areas with no data signal, or if your device does not have a data plan. The easiest way to tell that you are on the recording screen is the REC at the top of the camera screen.

Live Stream

You must "Allow Access" to the Camera and the Mic when prompted.

There are several buttons on the Streaming Page that should be noted:

First, the red video button on the far right; Press it to it to begin livestreaming. It will turn to a square within the circle to indicate that the feed is live. This same button can be used to stop the stream while it appears to be square.

MemoryShare generally suggests a resolution of 640X480, as this ensures a stable connection and smooth Livestream.

Step 3: Pause or End Service

When you wish to pause the stream tap the "X" symbol. Pressing the "X" will bring you back to the In Progress screen. From here you can continue either recording or livestreaming. If you are finished, click "End Service."

Once the service is ended, it will say "Pending Upload."

You will then be able to upload your recording.

Service Statuses

Coming up: The service hasn't happened yet, and the live stream hasn't been started

In Progress: The service is currently happening, and can be either live-streamed or recorded

Pending Upload: The service has happened, but there is no service uploaded for it

Completed: Once a file has been uploaded and converted

For instructions on uploading, press the button below.

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