00:00 - 00:08: Finding the service

00:20 - 00:24: How to access the edit/play screen

00:30 - 00:50: Using the edit dialogue to trim the video

01:10 - 01:20: Adding and editing an external video

Written Guide

  • Find the service that you are attempting to upload to on the Services page

  • Once on the pending page, press the orange upload button

  • You are now on the Preview Service Screen

  • To edit your service, click on the thumbnail for the video, and then click on edit at the bottom of the screen

  • This will make the "Choose Video" screen appear at the bottom

  • Move the white bar to scan through the video

  • Move the beginnings and ends of the yellow bar to choose the beginning and endpoint, respectively.

  • Once you have cut the video down, click "Use" to trim the video and add it to the video Queue

  • If you are not satisfied with the cut video, press the blue "Restore Original" button that only appears on pre-cut videos

  • If you wish to add a video that is not currently linked, press the plus button in the top right, and then search for your video within the gallery.

  • Once you add an external video, you are immediately brought into the "choose video" window, which allows editing. Edit the service as you wish, then press "use"

  • Whenever you are finished putting together your service, press the orange upload at the bottom and make sure that you are connected to a strong network, as large uploads may take quite some time.

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