From Facebook

If you wish to download a video from Facebook, we recommend FbDownloader as it is currently the safest and fastest third-party download service.

To use FBdownloader, simply navigate to the site and paste the URL of the video that you are trying to download, then press "Go"

The file will be promptly downloaded and saved in your default downloads folder.

From Youtube

To download videos from Youtube, we recommend either Youtube-DLG on a Windows PC or a Web-Based Youtube downloader. Note that we cannot promise the safety of third-party downloaders that we do not directly recommend, so please make sure that you use the preceding link if you do wish to download through the web.

Downloading Youtube-DLG

To begin, we first have to download the installer, which you can retrieve by clicking the following image:

Simply click on the "Download Windows Installer" button, and your web-browser will promptly store the file in your local downloads folder as a .Zip file.

Unpacking and Installing Youtube-DLG

Since the file downloaded as a .Zip file you will have to unpack it before you can do anything of value with its contents. To do so, locate the file on your PC and right-click it, bringing up the contextual actions menu. If you have an unzipping program such as 7-zip or WinZip on your computer, you are welcome to use them.

Any version of Windows OS after Windows 8 has the ability to extract natively, so you can press the "Extract all" button and continue from there

When you click Extract All, the following dialogue will appear, but the file path will likely be lead into the folder that you originally saved it to. If you wish to change the folder, click "Browse..."

Once the file is extracted, then the folder should re-open showing you the .EXE installer file, please double click the file, and agree to all of the installation questions, and make sure that you check the option for a Desktop Shortcut as that will make accessing the program easier.

The file should now be successfully installed, open the file by double-clicking on the shortcut, searching for it in the windows bar, or by finding the file in its installation folder and running it manually.

Using Youtube-DLG

Once you have opened the program, it will show a window that looks like this:

The use of the program goes as follows;

  • Locate youtube video

  • Copy URL from the address bar

  • Enter the URL into the top box

  • Make sure that your folder is set to somewhere you can easily retrieve the file

Use the "..." symbol on the left to browse to the folder in question, we generally recommend placing it on the User desktop.

  • Set the conversion type to MP4

This option is located on the right side, next to the "Add" button, this is very important as the website will not accept any other filetype

  • Press Add and the file will add itself to the Download List

Once the screen looks like this, press the Download icon (down arrow cloud) in the bottom right, and your file will promptly download into the folder of your choosing.

From this point you can do whatever you would like with the file; If you wish to upload it to the MemoryShare Portal, follow the button to read that guide starting with the section "Once you have located the file"

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